Humanize your Neural Pepe
Humanized Pepe (H-NP) is a collection of 7,777 humanized twins of Neural Pepe (NP) created by Dr.Pepenstein himself. Each NP holder can mint an H-NP version of their NP. Humanized Pepe have their own rarity system which might not correspond to the rarity level of the original humanized NP. Every H-NP also has an AI-generated human name.
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Each Neural Pepe ID can have only one human version
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How to humanize my Neural Pepe?
How much does it cost to humanize a Neural Pepe?
Does humanization change my original NP NFT?
Can I humanize my NP, if it’s already been humanized by the previous owner?
How can I get a Humanized Pepe?
What is HNP contract address?
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